Guilty Pleasure

I never made it to Metabolic, and I should feel guilty.  I have allowed new indulgences to be my excuse for now.  Reece and I make regular visits to Jacksboro, my hometown.  We visit with my parents and hope to add a little cheer to them.   My dad has a terminal brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme–the same kind Ted Kennedy has).  My mother is the patron saint caregiver.   On a recent visit, my mother tempted us with some new Bluebell Ice Cream treats.  Reece and I both fell in love with them,  and we both enjoy one nightly as we participate in our VERY LATE NIGHT routine of watching 2 episodes of LOST on dvd.  It is a sweet bonding time for us, and I will cherish the memories and resent the calories.   I just visited my daughter-in-law Aubrey’s blog (Kingcade Kitchen).  She has a yummy recipe for  a cake the includes Reese’s peanut butter cups, which along with Snickers, are my favorite candy bars.  I might have to bake that cake and use it as my  next excuse for procrastinating on my return to healthy diet filled living!!

I have found that on the evenings after a visit to see my parents, that I fill the sadness of knowing my dad will soon die with food!  Last night was no exception.  Our whole family went to Starbuck’s as a send off for our oldest son’s departure back to Oklahoma City.  He had been the visiting speaker  for the evening at our church’s Wed. night service.  He did an amazing job, and we had a great visit.  I love Mocha frappucinos, and Josh suggested that I add a shot of raspberry.  YUMMMMMMM.  Gene ordered the mango smoothie.  I tasted that and loved it too.  I think it would be a great lunch with 21g of protein and no added sugar.

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Emotional Eating

I have known all along that I am an emotional eater, but it was never so apparent as last night!!!  I have been so diligent in my endeavors to be faithful to good eating and exercise all week.  I have worked out daily, and followed the Metabolic eating plan.  There have been few temptations in front of me as my 16 yr. old son, Reece, has been away at church camp all week.  Thus, I haven’t had to prepare the meat and carbs needed to keep him satisfied.  Gene, my hubby, loves salads as much as I do.  So, I had a great week filled with fish, salad, green veggies, and fruit.  I had maintained strict compliance until Reece’s girlfriend called tonight to state that she wanted to pick him up when he arrived back in town on the church van.  This had nothing to do with resenting her.  She is so sweet and so adorable.  It had to do with  me missing him so much and wanting to be the one to greet him when he got off the van.  It is hard for me to let go!! (Plus, I had gotten him a new cell phone and a plan that included unlimited texting and couldn’t wait to surprise him with it.).So, what did I do in my moment of anxiety and disappointment?   I went straight to the freezer and got one of the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches that Oprah loves!!!!  It tasted so good, and for a brief moment filled a pit of sadness!!!  I should have gone and done some Pilates and sweated out my anxieties.

Speaking of Pilates:  This past spring I took  classes in Turbo Jam and Pi-Yo. I loved both of them. The classes were canceled for the summer, so I have been working out at home with some of my favorite dvds, which include:  The Firm’s Bootcamp, Winsor Pilates Calorie Burning Workout,  and The Firm’s Calorie Killer. I did some online research and hope to soon purchase some of  The Crunch series.  I recently checked out one of their fat burning Pilates dvds at the public library and LOVE IT!!!  Let’s see how long I can stay committed to these good efforts.

Help hold me accountable!!!


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The inspiration of opera music

Reece, my 16 yr. old son, is away at a church camp as a counselor this week. While I miss him, I enjoy doing things MY WAY all day.  There is something to be said about the pleasure I feel from having my house to myself.  For most of the day, I have played my opera music really loud .  It motivates me to get chores done, and I haven’t had to listen to any complaints from the music experts that live with me. HAHA! Late in the afternoon, I turned the tv on to do some channel surfing and came across a replay of last week’s America’s Got Talent on the Bravo channel.  Yippee!!!  The opera singing insurance salesman won my heart and the audience’s.  HE DOES HAVE TALENT!!!!! 

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Metabolic to the Rescue

Just as I was feeling discouraged and like a failure, the mailman brought  what I needed!!!  It seems as though the local Metabolic Research Center has missed my visits and has invited me to come back and start over!!!  I have not been to the center for weigh -ins  in over 8 weeks, and I am sure their records indicate my absences from visits and PURCHASES!!!  But, thankfully their marketing works for me, and this prodigal plans on returning Monday for encouragement and refocusing. 


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A Quick Surrender!!!

Call me a coward!! Call me a failure!!!  I just could not handle the cayenne pepper ruining my lemon water.  The cayenne pepper mixed with lemon water burned my mouth and upset my stomach, so I held up the white flag and called it a quick surrender after two days of strict adherance.   ANOTHER DIET FAILURE for me.   I made it two days and gave up.  A chocolate diet bar at the end of day two was a sweet reward for my efforts!!!!!!!!!   YUM.

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Lemon laments

Today, I thought I would try ONE MORE THING in an effort to lose weight. I found the Master Cleanse on the internet and did some intensive reading about it and I think I will give it a try.  I just got home from the supermaket where I bought the ingredients:  Lemons, purified water, cayenne pepper, and organic maple syrup.  You drink this concoction in an effort to rid your body of toxins and lose weight.  Even on some of the national chain diet programs, you begin with a citrus based modified cleanse, so this will be EVEN better.  You assist the cleanse by drinking sea salt oral enemas.  Doesn’t that sound like fun.  I will probably stay close to home for a few days!!  The best thing to come out of this will be for me to break some carb laden eating habits and go back to Metabolic Research Center’s well-rounded diet program.  I will continue my exercising and hope for the best!!!!

My hopes are that posting to this blog will hold me accountable

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What Does Palaver Mean, You Ask?

As I was considering a cutesy title for my blog, I pulled out Webster’s for some assistance. You see,  I wanted the cleverness of alliteration in my title, and I needed some help. I found the word “palaver” and thought it might fit and would add a new word to all our vocabularies. 

Palaver  n  (1) word, speech  (2) talk, idle chatter

I think palaver is a most appropriate word for my  conversations on this blog. 

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